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Paid Ads
Any item(s) selling for $1,000 or more, for sale with no listed price or quantity, or any item sold by a business, regardless of price.
- and -
Paid Categories Include:
Properties for Sale, Properties for Rent, Contractors, Services, Help Wanted, Yard Sales, Paid Classes, Too Unique to Classify, Public Notices, Pets for Sale or Firewood or Hay for Sale.
Free Ads
Any personal item for sale with a
listed price of less than $1,000.
All ads must include the quantity of the items for sale
and the individual price of each item.

• Free ads run 2 consecutive Wednesdays.
• You may run up to 5 free ads per issue
• Free ads can be up to 8 lines of copy per ad
• The same items may not be placed in multiple categories.

Other options:
If you would prefer, please feel free to place your classified ad in one of the following ways.
By Phone: Please call our office at (208) 726-8060
By Fax: (208) 726-2329
Office Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday

If you need more help by email, you can reach our staff at:
Advertising Deadlines:
Wednesday edition: All ads must be received, modified or cancelled
by 1 p.m. Monday
Friday edition: All ads must be received, modified or cancelled
by 1 p.m. Wednesday
Contact our office for Holiday Deadlines, (208) 726-8060.

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