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Foster Homes Needed: Share your
love and home with homeless Aus-
tralian Shepherds. Adopters also
needed. Call or text 208-721-1400.

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Beck, Mike - Firewood
Applewood, Pine, Fir, Mesquite,
Tamarack and Oak. Any length.
Kindling. Split & Delivered. Money
back guarantee. Stacking & Free
Samples available. Log trucks load
available. Open 7 days a week,
7am-9pm. 208-788-2895.

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When purchasing a vehicle, make
sure that the title is in the name of
the seller. Under Idaho motor vehi-
cle code, a vehicle cannot be sold
unless the title is in the name of the
seller, (exception: Idaho licensed
dealer). The seller shall provide the
new purchaser a signed bill of sale
showing the following: full descrip-
tion of vehicle, the vehicle identifi-
cation #, amount paid & name(s) &
address of the new purchaser. The
bill of sale must be signed, dated
and show actual mileage at the
time of sale. If you have any ques-
tions, please contact your local as-
sessor’s office.

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Buyers and Sellers
should always
exercise caution when participating
in sales transactions. The Federal
Trade Commission has a list of
ways to avoid fraud, which can be
found at:

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