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610 Letters of Thanks

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I want to give a big shout out to all
those who supported me in my run
for County Commissioner. I ran a
solid campaign, had a lot of support,
encouragement, and help from so
many along the way and I had a
great strategist. I learned a ton and
met a lot of awesome people. I want
to say thank you all for believing in
me and voting for me. I was touched
by all the positive texts, emails and
Facebook posts the evening of the
election. It meant so much to have
received all the support and for that I
am truly grateful. Thank you friends!
~ Kaz Thea "Never doubt that a
small group of thoughtful, committed
people can change the world. In-
deed, it is the only thing that ever
has." Margaret Mead

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100 Men Who Care presented a
check to Syringa Mountain School
for $8,150. A special Thank You to
all the men participating: Jeff Bertz,
Lyon Landscape Architects, Ben
Frank, John O’Connor, John
Galgano, Mike Potter, John Kahm,
Eric Thorson, Jim Feldbaum, Dan
Ballbach, Fred Gray, Bill Nicholson,
Rick Flickinger, Randy Hall, Gerry
Morrison, Jim Gandolfi, Bill
Kronberger, Mike Halstead, Len
Schlessinger, Art Sloan, Dale
Ewersen, Ralph Fullerton, Robert
Trye, David Kaye, Pierce Scranton,
Steve Wall, Jim Ellison, Stan Jo-
seph, Michael Leach, Richard
Smooke, David Rognlien, David
Holmes, Steve Gerrish, Greg Bloom-
field, Tom Lenze, Mark Blacos,
Randy Flood, Steve Funk, Jim Per-
kins, Dick Wetherell, Bob Wederrick,
Chip Angle, Al Hackel, Allen Jones,
Ross Jennings, Roger DeBard,
Adam Elias, Mike Healy, Keith Da-
vis, Nick Miller, Michael Hobbs, San-
dor Szombathy, Bill Downing, John
Walcott, Frank Willey, Ron Green-
span, David Weil, Jerry Mells, Andy
Weil, Ed Weil, Steve Heidel, Bart
Lassman, Steve Harkins, Lee Was-
serman, Steve Dorinson, John Dean,
Hayward Sawyer, Joseph Weiss,
Barron Ressler, Jamie Will, Ryan
Redmond, Mark Miller, Jeff Howes,
Steve Huish, Barry Bunshoft, Ted
Gold, Lew Brown, Steve Tracy,
Bruce Norvell, Chet Potuzak and
Marty Lyon.

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$8,150 05/25/2016
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