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To the honest person whom found
my cell phone and turned it in at The
Valley Club: I thank you very much,
may God bless you. You brought a
lot of happiness and relief to my
~Dutes Blondell

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Heartfelt thanks to Mary Kay Foley
and Kristen Bevers at St Luke's
physical therapy after one of the
hardest years I have ever had. They
are a great example of why we are
so fortunate here. Beyond their skill
and professionalism, they are great
people. With gratitude. ~ Lynn

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IDAHO CYCLES. Someone stole my
bike. I cried. I keep putting ads in the
paper hoping someone will return it.
A bike is an intimate thing. I still
have a mild form of PTBTD
(Post-traumatic bike-theft disorder)
from when someone stole my green
Schwinn in fourth grade. I wound up
finding your space, Mark, Mike and
everyone else, and you guys sold
me a rental bike for a great price that
fits me perfectly and gave me a
Klondike bar, and I hadn't had one in
years, and it was delicious, and you
also gave me an awesome pin I
wear every day that says PLEASE
REMAIN CALM. To be clear, I also
love Backwoods and the Perch,
dearly, but no one ever gave me a
Klondike bar. Thank you! Your anon-
ymous friend now addicted to Klon-
dike bars. Plus I put the pin in my
window for school pick up so all the
parents REMAIN CALM. Thank you!
~Alex Kuczynski

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